Beginners Floristry

Looking for a general overview of floristry ?

Have no idea what course you really need or want to do?

On our beginners workshops you will create a stunning hand-tied design.  Techniques, tips and hints are also given to highlight the differences in various designs.

Or, in our luxury table centrepiece class, instructions are given in using various types of floral foam, design elements, scale and proportion all to compliment many table settings.

This year we will be teaching you how to create a special Valentine’s Day table design with ‘wow’ factor.

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day we are offering a full’s day tuition on how to create a hand-tied bouquet and using plants to construct a pretty planted container.

Are you interested in Christmas wreath making ? These workshops are also for floristry beginners and start at £50!!

Our workshops usually run from 10:00 – 12:30hrs

Our beginner workshops are the perfect stepping stone to prepare you for our other courses such as;




Sunday September 23rd – Hand-tied design

Sunday October 21st – Hand-tied design


February 10th – Luxury Table Centrepiece

March 17th – Hand-tied design

April 14th – Luxury Table Centrepiece

May 19th – Hand-tied design

June 23rd – Luxury Table Centrepiece

September 29th – Hand-tied design

October 27th – Luxury Table Centrepiece


Cost for beginners workshops are £55 per session (unless otherwise stated)